onsdag 4 februari 2009

Why Learn How To Make Soap At Home?

The benefits of knowing how to make soap at home

Soap is something that every body needs, EVERYBODY needs soap, Guys, Girls, Kids, even thus who believe that they don’t need soap, they need it to! Weather they like it or not. Imagine when you know how to make soap at home, how nice it will feel to know exactly what’s in it, why it smells so good, why you smell so good. Because you made it your self! It’s a nice skill and a pretty fun hobby to "make soap" and if your really business oriented you can even sell your soap.

I my self is not exactly a professional, in fact the last bulk of soaps I made smelled kind of funky but that’s not the point and it doesn’t stop me from writing this and I want give up. A huge benefit of knowing how to make homemade soap is that you will not be at the mercy of the manufactures, do you know how much chemicals and garbage they throw in just to make their soaps smell good and last long? Its risky because you can never trust the big corporations when it get down to business, they don’t play about money and they do what it takes to make us believe that they make awesome soap, its not though.

Well, you can’t know for sure anyways. We can’t ban soap because we need it, and if we buy it were taking risks. Therefore it’s a no-brainer to learn how to make your own soap! Its brilliant, and its not as hard as it might seem. Sure you need to invest in a few bottles of oil, and some other ingredients, you also need to be patient with it as it that’s a little time for your soap to stiffen up (I learned the hard way) and be ready but besides from that it’s really easy, its fun and its worth it. You can learn how to make a soap and you can try it out to.